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Sea-states hindcast HOMERE over the Channel and the Bay of Biscay

HOMERE is a sea-states hindcast database, based on WAVEWATCH III model (version 4.11) on a unstructured grid covering the English Channel and Bay of Biscay (NGUG) over 1994-2016 period (23 years).

  • Correction of forcing data for two years (1996 and 2001)
  • Extension of the dataset beyond 2012 and up to and including 2016
  • Rewrite output parameters
  • Updating the parameter names
  • Porting of the database on the new DATARMOR operational server since March 2017.

The data set includes 37 global parameters and the frequency spectra on a very high resolution grid (~110 000 points) as well as directional spectra on a high resolution grid (4096 points), with a one hour time step.

Location of HOMERE directional spectra points

HOMERE User manual (only in french):
WAVEWATCH III User manual :

In case of exploitation of HOMERE database, thanks to quote the following reference:


Boudiere Edwige, Maisondieu Christophe, Ardhuin Fabrice, Accensi Mickael, Pineau-Guillou Lucia, Lepesqueur Jeremy (2013). A suitable metocean hindcast database for the design of Marine energy converters. International Journal of Marine Energy, 3-4, e40-e52. Publisher's official version : , Open Access version :

Data access

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